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ShopHunter : About Us

The ShopHunter online shopping directory was built to provide our users with easy and quick links to the most popular online stores in a variety of shopping categories. The stores selected for our directory are the most popular and most visited shopping sites on the internet. Stores that qualify for listing in the ShopHunter directory are categorized by our editors and then ranked in each category based on their web traffic and number of users. Millions of online shoppers have visited and bought from these websites and most of them are considered the best in the business.

Traffic and popularity rankings of websites are constantly changing and our editors try their best to find and categorize all the most popular sites. Unfortunately, it's always possible we've missed a great site or put something in the wrong category. If you know of any top online stores that you think are more popular than the ones listed, please let us know. We're always updating the rankings and will be happy to include any new sites that make the cut.

Thank you.